Take Your City Back

Changing the Face of Commercial Surface Cleaning in Municipalities

Many Municipalities across the country are overwhelmed with maintaining a standard of keeping their cities clean while being able to insure they are utilizing the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods to do so. Our equipment is an ideal solution to this growing problem.

We designed our equipment as a complete solution, providing the ability to pressure clean all of the hard surfaces, mobile and stationary capital assets a city typically needs to maintain while reclaiming all of the wastewater, filtering it down to acceptable levels and re-utilizing it for continued cleaning. Keeping your city clean and in compliance with all Federal, State and Local wastewater laws as well as saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year per machine….that is our business.

Because of the intelligent design and capability of STI equipment, your city’s maintenance workers can confidently clean any hard surface and know they are not having to bring in additional equipment, hire expensive outside contractors, or take many days to clean large surface areas. This will save municipalities thousands of man-hours in labor costs in a year as well as confidently keeping up with sustainability standards.

The STI equipment is ideally suited for cleaning parking garages, bus stops, city sidewalks, busses and other heavy equipment, hazardous spills, mass transit stations, gum and waste removal and post special event cleanup – leaving no wastewater behind.


Municipal Public Works budgets continue to grow annually to combat increases in population, homelessness, and regulatory guidelines of keeping your city standards of living and beautification at the forefront.

Let Scrubbers Technology International provide your city with the best possible solution to assist with all your city’s hard surface cleaning needs.