2018 “HydroDrive” Truck Mounted Industrial Surface Cleaning Machine

High Pressure. High Temperature. Vacuum Recovery. Process Filtration. Re-Use.

Visit Us and See this Revolutionary Machine at the 2018 AWPA-PWX Convention in Kansas City, August 26-29, 2018.

STI Truck Mounts were designed with contractors in mind.  Compact design on an agile cab and chassis provide quick deployment onto work sites.  Electric rewind hose reels, controls and instrumentation, which are easily accessed, provides for quick deployment and roll-up.

The STI Truck Mount is the perfect solution for surface cleaning for Municipalities, Parking Structures, Petrochemical Industry, Maritime, Airports, Mobile Equipment and Infrastructure.

  • 100% hydraulically powered by utilizing the truck’s engine via a split-shaft gearbox and power-take-offs (PTO)
  • Hydraulic engineering development and componentry by Parker Hydraulics
  • High-pressure pumps and vacuum blower directly coupled to Parker PGP.620 Hydraulic Motors
  • Superior engineering and a highly compact system on a maneuverable platform perfect for urban areas
  • System is mounted to a custom all-aluminum truck bed
  • All componentry safely mounted in enclosures
  • 2018 Ram 5500 DRW Crew Cab powered by a 6.7 – liter Cummins Turbo Diesel mated to an Aisin Transmission
  • Enclosed electronic control panel with electric-air controllers for the engagement of PTO Drives
  • Ultra-compact walk around design
  • Best-in-class componentry
  • Effectively clean large-scale hard surfaces while being in full compliance with environmental regulations
  • Point-of-contact recovery provides superior cleaning
  • Results with fewer man-hours and lower maintenance costs


  • 2018 Dodge Ram 5500 Super Duty – Crew Cab DRW
  • 6.7 Liter Cummins I-6 Turbo Diesel – Aisin 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 385 Horsepower & 900Lb-Ft of torque
  • 19,500 GVW – up to 29,000# tow rating
  • All aluminum structural truck bed with hydraulics enclosure and 8 tool boxes

  • Chelsea Series 912 Split-Shaft Gearbox
  • Dual Chelsea Series 282 Power-Take-Offs
  • Dual Parker PGP.620 hydraulic pumps
  • 50 gallon hydraulic tank with multiple fan coolers
  • Dual Annovi-Reverberi Triplex Plunger Pumps
  • 3650 psi @ 8 gpm (optional 7250 psi @ 4gpm)
  • Beckett Diesel Helical Coil Burner(s) to 1 million btu
  • Digital control and instrumentation gauge array


  • Parker PGP.620 Hydraulic Pump
  • Gardner-Denver—Tri-Lobe Ti-410 Vacuum Blower
  • Up to 700 cubic feet per minute airflow
  • Up to 16″ Hg—vacuum pressure
  • All aluminum 12v electric hose reel (200 ft. of 2″ hose)

  • 300 – gallon all welded aluminum construction
  • 20 – stage filtration process (patents pending)
  • Multi-Media Extraction Array (MMEA)
  • Oil-water separation
  • Suspended and non-suspended particulate
  • Up to 30 gallons of oil and hydrocarbon removal
  • Up to 300# particulate removal
  • “Active-Bypass” mode for continuous operation
  • Single valve wastewater dump


  • Hannay – Electric Rewind Hose Reels 8 – all aluminum locking tool boxes
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel plumbing fittings
  • Mosmatic recovering surface cleaners
  • Mosmatic active swivels
  • Annovi-Reverberi “Roto-Jet” tips
  • Fuel levels
  • Water and oil temps
  • Hour meters
  • Hydraulic pressures
  • Pressure levels
  • Water flow meters
  • Vacuum pressure
  • Volt meters

  • 300′ radius service range or 30 stories vertically

The Most Advanced and Effective Industrial Surface Cleaning Equipment on the Planet