Powerful & Economical

Changing the Face of Commercial Surface Cleaning

Value Proposition:

Nearly $800 billion is spent annually in the United States by Federal, State and Local Governments on the direct and indirect costs of maintenance and corrosion prevention.   It is one of the single largest expense categories. There are 1.2 million buildings and 54 million acres owned by the Federal Government alone with a value of $1.6 trillion.

Unique challenges to governments across the country:

  1. Millions of physical assets
  2. High costs of labor
  3. Competing budgetary priorities
  4. Environmental discharge

STI addresses these challenges by:

  1. Engineering a compact, powerful and economical industrial-grade machine
  2. Building it in the U.S. with best-in-class componentry and systems
  3. Providing enough water pressure, flow and vacuum suction to power a 4-man crew
  4. Cost-per-square foot maintenance cost is drastically reduced through power and engineering
  5. Constructing mobile platforms which are durable, well-built and low maintenance
  6. Conserving our water supply with low water use and Zero waste water down the drain

Applications within Governmental Sectors

Corrosion Prevention, Graffiti Removal and General Scheduled Maintenance


Facilities, Aircraft, Naval, Fuel Bunker and Mobile Fleet Maintenance


Mobile Fleet, Railway, Maritime and Aircraft Maintenance

Post-Disaster Cleanup and Sanitization Utilizing “Hyper-Chlorinated Wet Steam” Method

Hazmat Cleanup and Site Reconditioning after Liquid Spill Events

From municipalities maintaining their civic parking structures to Amtrak station cleaning to bilge cleaning on an aircraft carrier, STI’s compact and powerful systems can put industrial capabilities on target and effectively clean and recondition any sized project, anywhere, and get the job done right.