The Environmentally Safe Solution for Industrial Surface Cleaning

Meets & Exceeds all Environmental Government Standards and Regulations

Utilizing STI’s Proprietary Technology, by reclaiming waste wash water and filtering out the oil, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, dirt and debris, and recycling the water through for continued cleaning, a single machine accomplishes the following:

In some states our equipment has been granted an exemption from the permitting requirements due to our proprietary closed loop recycling system.

  • 5,000 gallons of wash water conserved per day, 100,000+ gallons per month and over 1.2 million gallons per year.
  • 4 gallons of oil, and other petroleum products per day, 88 gallons per month and 1,000+ gallons per year (in an average multi-story parking garage).
  • Over 200 pounds of dirt, debris, particulate and hydrocarbons per day is extracted from the wash water on a typical shift*. That is over 25 tons saved from going down the drain over the course of a year.

The Federal Government and all 50 states require wash water recovery during the surface cleaning of ANY project involving areas upon which vehicles contact, industrial infrastructure and any other large surface area, with the exception of single-family homes.  Fines for violations exceed $7,000 per day, per occurrence. There is currently a rapidly increasing demand for technology to become compliant with these code requirements.

In a world that is increasingly becoming more aware of the effects of pollution, wastewater runoff, and water conservation, we believe if given a choice to utilize effective surface cleaning equipment that allows zero pollutants to enter the ground and water tables as well as conserves millions of gallons of water a year, choosing STI’s advanced cleaning equipment is an intelligent solution.

* Based on a 8hr day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks year.