Maintaining Clean Facilities is a High Priority for All Companies

Changing the Face of Commercial Surface Cleaning for Corporate Facilities


Engineering and maintenance teams have been searching for a comprehensive system that can tackle two central challenges of cleaning and maintenance of their facilities…

  1. How to clean large surfaces and assets in a safe and effective manner while keeping labor costs in line.
  2. How to become and remain in full compliance with all wastewater and runoff regulations imposed by state, local and federal codes.

Value Proposition

Maintaining clean facilities is a high priority for all companies, from small businesses to the Fortune 500. It is important for not only health and safety but also a company’s image they want to present to the public, their customers and their employees.

How the STI Surface Cleaning Solutions Can Help YOU and YOUR Business

With the arrival of STI’s industrial grade equipment to the market, companies can now effectively clean and maintain:

STI’s advanced cleaning equipment was designed as a complete system to allow maintenance professionals to pressure clean, recover the wastewater, filter and recycle through for continued cleaning.

  • One high-powered system replaces many less effective “portable” units
  • Effective range of 300+ feet in any direction, even vertically
  • Quick set-up, simple operation and low maintenance costs
  • Water temperatures to 200°F means fewer toxic chemicals are necessary