Having the Right Equipment Makes All the Difference

Changing the Face of Commercial Surface Cleaning for Private Contractors

Contractors that specialize in pressure washing know how important having the right equipment can make a big difference for their business. STI equipment is a complete system that fills a big hole in the pressure cleaning industry by providing the best all-in-one solution for a mobile pressure cleaning, wastewater recovery, filtration and reuse.


Value Proposition

  1. Own a complete solution for pressure cleaning, wastewater recovery, filtration, and reuse.
  2. Bid on any job and have the best solution to meet your customers’ demands.
  3. Have the ability to run a 4-man crew off of one unit to clean large areas in a shorter duration.
  4. Provide your clients with a proven environmentally compliant protocol.

We at STI pride ourselves in the engineering, construction, durability and capability of our equipment.


There are very few pressure washing systems that can recover and fewer still that filter the wastewater. All too often most filtration systems become overwhelmed by the sediment, oil and particulates and require frequent powering down of the system to change out of the filtration media.

Existing technologies have been limited in their capacities of their filtration, vacuum recovery systems and pressure cleaning throughput.

The TV.712 “Tri-Drive” provides 81hp across 3 fuel-injected engines to power the very best in pressure and recovery technology. The unique “Active Bypass” feature provides the ability to change out filtration media while the machine remains running and this saves valuable time…and time is money.

Avoid the substantial fines to both your company and your clients by providing them with a 100% environmentally compliant system.

How the STI Surface Cleaning Solutions Can Help YOU and YOUR Business

STI Industrial Grade Equipment is for:

No Project Too Large. Lower Costs-per-Foot.

Additional Services to Existing Customers

Superior Surface Preparation

Clean the Exterior of Buildings to Whom you Provide Interior Services

 Perform “Final Clean” to Your Project and Maintain Control