Powerful & Economical

Changing the Face of Commercial Surface Cleaning


  • How to clean and maintain a seaport while avoiding wash water runoff into a body of water it fronts
  • How to clean onboard areas of a vessel such as a bilge or cargo area from the shore
  • How to effectively clean tens of millions of square feet of an active airport while not disturbing the flow of flights, travelers or cargo
  • How to become and remain in compliance with all the DOT and EPA regulations while conducting the scheduled maintenance of a facility

Value Proposition:

  • STI’s Mobile Industrial Surface Cleaning Equipment can provide maintenance and facilities engineers with the ability to quickly deploy cleaning crews to a project area, be up and running in as little as 10 minutes to address fuel and hydraulic spills, degrease mobile equipment or perform general maintenance
  • Our mobile equipment has an effective radius range of over 300 ft. which means over 8 acres can be cleaned without having to reposition the equipment
  • Utilizing our “Active Bypass System” – filtration media can be replaced without needing to power down the system for more time on station therefore saving time and labor costs
  • No other surface cleaning system can match STI’s superior engineering, quality componentry, compact footprint and filtration capacity

Applications within Aviation and Maritime Sectors

Safety, compliance and effective solutions are top priorities of maintenance and engineering professionals across the country.

Consider STI’s standard-setting technology for your facility.