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Scrubbers Technology International Provides The Complete Commercial Surface Cleaning Solution. 

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Our Equipment

TV.712 Tri-Drive Trailer

STI’s Tri-Drive Trailers were designed with municipalities, large facilities, property management companies and contractors in mind. The TV.712 has a 6’8″ overall height to provide access to almost any parking facility and is no larger than a full-sized SUV. At a relatively light 5,000 pounds (dry), it can be safely towed by a 250/2500 or larger truck.

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2018 “HydroDrive” Truck Mount

The STI Truck Mount was designed with municipalities and our corporate maintenance customers in mind. The Truck Mount is ultra-compact but extremely powerful machinery built on a Ram 5500 Chassis/Cab providing agility with quick deployment onto work sites. It is 100% hydraulically powered by utilizing the truck’s engine via a split-shaft gearbox and power-take-offs (PTO) directly coupled to the high pressure pumps and vacuum blower.

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Find Out How The STI Equipment Can Change How YOU Surface Clean in YOUR Industry


Maintaining clean facilities is a high priority for all companies, from small businesses to the Fortune 500. It is important for not only health and safety but also a company’s image they want to present to the public, their customers and their employees.

Engineering and maintenance teams have been searching for a comprehensive system that can tackle two central challenges of cleaning and maintenance of their facilities…

  1. How to clean large surfaces and assets in a safe and effective manner while keeping labor costs in line.
  2. How to become and remain in full compliance with all wastewater and runoff regulations imposed by state, local and federal codes.

Learn How Our Equipment Can Change The Way You Scrub


Many Municipalities across the country are overwhelmed with maintaining a standard of keeping their cities clean while being able to insure they are utilizing the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods to do so. Our equipment is an ideal solution to this growing problem.

Learn How Our Equipment Can Change the Way You Scrub


Contractors that specialize in pressure washing know how important having the right equipment can make a big difference for thier business. STI equipment is a complete system that fills a big hole in the pressure cleaning industry by providing the best all-in-one solution for a mobile pressure cleaning, wastewater recovery, filtration and reuse.

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Nearly $800 billion is spent annually in the United States by Federal, State and Local Governments on the direct and indirect costs of maintenance and corrosion prevention.   It is one of the single largest expense categories. There are 1.2 million buildings and 54 million acres owned by the Federal Government alone with a value of $1.6 trillion.

Learn How Our Equipment Can Change the Way You Scrub



  • The Oil & Petrochemical Industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the U.S.
  • Avoid compliance violations and clean more effectively with STI and its industrial power.
  • ZERO wastewater down the drain.

Learn How Our Equipment Can Change the Way You Scrub


Safety, compliance and effective solutions are top priorities of maintenance and engineering professionals across the country. Consider STI’s standard-setting technology for your facility.

Learn How Our Equipment Can Change the Way You Scrub

The Most Advanced and Effective Industrial Surface Cleaning Equipment on the Planet

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First Service Residential

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Nashville International Airport

“….that machine is incredible! It just erased 20-years of cleaning neglect – I wish I would have known about it years ago….”

CRR Property Services

“….we were very impressed by the efficiency and outcome. Your machine cleaned a 26,000 sq. ft. shipping facility, indoors with no floor drains in 4 hours…amazing!...”

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